Big changes are underway for Simp’s Syrups Inc. the home of “Simp’s Serious Caesar Mix.”  Dave Simpson and Gerry Jobe have a new partner and C.E.O. with the addition of Richard Nixon. Richard brings years of business acumen, leadership and entrepreneurial expertise to the company and Dave and Gerry couldn’t be happier with the addition. “While Dave and I were grateful for the support of our initial investors, we needed someone to take our company to the next level” says Jobe. “We had phenomenal early success with our Caesar Mix, and we needed to find someone who was an expert at scaling the business to meet demand.”

 Enter Nixon, a veteran leader in the dental world, who met the Simp’s team at a local vegan market. “This guy shows up out of nowhere and his enthusiasm for what we were doing was off the charts” says Simpson. “He immediately bought a shirt and two bottles, and now Gerry and I joke that the new slogan should be ‘Buy the Shirt-Buy the Company.’ “

For Richard, that shirt purchase was just the beginning of his enthusiasm for the brand. “I did the polar bear swim in this shirt, with Caesar in hand, that’s dedication. These guys needed someone passionate working with them, they needed to add a little crazy, a little pirate, a little rogue” he says.


The new partners have exciting plans for their company this year including a new logo (a trident to represent the 3 personalities as well as Poseidon as their Caesar Mix contains no seafood), a new production facility which is almost finished construction, broader distribution with new representatives in B.C., Alberta and Ontario and brand expansion with a new  “Café Series” line of syrups for coffee shops and a new “Dill Pickle” version of their Simp’s Serious Caesar Mix.


“We are still in the Okanagan, we are still craft, we are still small batch and handcrafted by bartenders, but this year, with the addition of Richard, we have the firepower to go nation-wide. We are only one of two Canadian owned Caesar brands so it’s time to give the American companies some competition when it comes to our national cocktail.” says Jobe.

 Adds Simpson, “The Caesar Mix category has always been dominated by the artificial flavored, MSG loaded, cheap ingredient, fake color brands, and because the public never had another choice, they won by default. We’re here to say those days are done. I think that our national cocktail deserves better than crushed cochineal beetles and reconstituted tomatoes. We will continue to source 100% Canadian ingredients for our mixes, including our bottles, labels and caps. I think that kind of spirit is what drew Richard to join us and we are aligned in bringing that spirit across Canada.”

As the new C.E.O. Nixon sums up the groups new attitude with the last word, “When I joined these guys, I had a friend who asked me ‘What about the big companies, they own the market, aren’t you afraid of them?’ I replied, ‘No, no…they need to be afraid of us.’”  

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