Simp's Launches New Dill Pickle Caesar Mix

Kelowna B.C.-Sept. 24 2018

For years now, people have been adding dill pickle brine to their Caesars for an extra punch of tangy goodness, a little something extra to cut the heat and enhance the flavor of our National Cocktail. One would think, that by now there would have to be a Caesar Mix available with Dill already added right? Well Dave Simpson, Richard Nixon and Gerry Jobe, the team behind Simp's Serious Caesar Mix were shocked to discover there wasn't one in existence yet. "As a career bartender I always had a shaker of dried dill at my bar well that I would add vigorously to my Caesars," says Jobe. Simpson had his own version as well, "I made custom pickled celery and had mason jars of them behind my bar, so combining our two favourite Caesar garnishes together for our new mix was a no-brainer."  

The Simp's team started off by just adding extra dill to their existing Mix, but that just didn't cut it. "It was good, Gerry loved it, but I really wanted to get the pickle flavour in there" says Dave,  The team then started to research pickling spices and found the perfect blend. The new mix now has dried dill, dill weed and dill pollen, as well as the pickling spice blend. When added to the balsamic vinegar, lemon juice, roasted and regular garlic already found in their original mix, the new hits all the pickle notes the team was looking for.

The new Dill Pickle Caesar Mix is not only a great combination of flavors as a cocktail, the Simp's team has found another way to enjoy their new creation: as a chaser for tequila. Simp's C.E.O. Richard Nixon explains, "I was out with the team a few weeks ago and they introduced me to the "Pickleback," a shot of Irish Whisky followed by pickle juice. I suggested that they could use Simp's Dill Pickle instead and Gerry advised we should pair it with tequila. Order a shot then ask to make it serious!"

Now available in B.C. and Alberta, Simp's Dill Pickle Caesar Mix is poised to be the perfect way to celebrate Summer. See below for suggested recipe from the guys at Simp's and Caes The Day!

Simp's Dill Pickle Caesar

1. Shake Bottle

2. Rim a tall glass with Caesar Spice Mix (Simp's suggest Matt &  Steve's Brand)

3. Fill glass with Ice and add one ounce of your favourite spirit or enjoy on it's own.

4 Top with Simp's Dill Pickle Caesar Mix, garnish with a pickle and enjoy!