Oct 1,2018, Kelowna B.C.-for immediate release

It's been a year of growth and continued hustle for the team at Simp's Syrups, the Kelowna based home of "Simp's Serious Caesar Mix" 

"There really hasn't been any traditional growing pains," says Gerry Jobe, the company's Chief Imagination Officer, "we have a lot of fun, come up with crazy ideas and every time we reach the bar previously set, we pick it up and throw it higher, so our growth as a company hasn't been struggle, but more of a 'let's see if we can do this' mentality,which has kept us all inspired."

One of the ideas that made sense to the group is about to become a reality as the team moves its production downtown Kelowna to a new facility on High Road.

"This move is an exciting step for us, basically streamlining our production into its most efficient stage ever, while moving our storage offsite and expanding our vision with the addition of a small retail space and tasting bar in the heart of a booming district," says Dave Simpson, Simp's Head of Production.

Jobe notes,"It has always been a goal to be more immersed in what our local artisans are up to, and to be part of that community. Looking at what our new neighbours Karat Chocolate and companies like The People's Soda in Penticton have accomplished really inspired us to join the ranks of producers moving into the retail space. We like the idea of being accessible to the community and to share our passion with everyone and let people get involved with what we are doing,"

The vision for the new space is a high efficiency production facility capable of producing 50 pallets of Caesar Mix or Syrups a month, along with a retail space to showcase in-house products and select products from friends in the beverage industry. Customers can expect to see Caesar Gift Sets, Coffee Syrups Packages and Cocktail Syrups on the shelf next to Char Blue Premium's Caesar Rim and jars of custom garnishes. 

Simp's C.E.O. Richard Nixon says "I'm showing these guys that business can be fun, that's why I took the wheel with these two very creative guys, to channel that creativity and drive into a brand that reflects the same spirit we bring into our facility when we are mixing and creating this stuff. We are always joking around, chasing every good idea we come up with until it becomes a reality, and I really think our brand of products reflect that. This new headquarters is no different, I think you'll see a lot of our energy and spirit in there."

With their original Caesar Mix already a hit, the trio launched the first and only Dill Pickle Caesar Mix this Summer and are already following it up with a Sriracha Caesar Mix going into production as soon as the equipment arrives to the new site. All 3 varieties are still Vegan, Gluten Free, and have no added MSG

Future plans for the new spot also involve "Sunday at Simp's" with a full Caesar Bar and Food Truck on site. "We are bartenders by trade," says Jobe, "so it only makes sense that we have a killer little Caesar bar for the people on Sundays in between their brewery stops in the neighbourhood."

Also, to celebrate the next step in their journey, Simp's is offering free shipping across Canada for their Original and Dill Pickle Caesar Mix during all of October. "The response so far has been incredible" says Simpson "We just started advertising pre-orders this week and people from all over the country have been sending us orders. The excitement for our products has me even more pumped to finally have a storefront."

Opening soon, at 1180 High Road, Simp's Syrups is looking forward to sharing their passion for gourmet beverage and joining the community in downtown Kelowna.

In the meantime, if you'd like to order a bottle of their Caesar Mix, shipping is free for all of October. Visit to order today.